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One-on-one mentoring to help you solve specific business problems.

One-on-one coaching.

Do you need a coach? Just like in sport, businesses win or lose depending on how their team plays and how well they are managed. With practical tools and advice we can help you become a better manager and find ways to get your business really humming.

In corporate jargon, through leadership training, human-centred design and change management we’ll help your business set measurable goals, define a strategic roadmap and improve its overall output.

How  it works.

Working together with you to achieve your goals is our primary focus. We will arrange an initial consultation and discuss your goals, what you're struggling with, what areas you're doing well in and the parts of the business you feel you could do better in. 

Once we have determined your areas of need, we will suggest an approach plan of how we can support you in working towards your goals, and discuss what strategies and resources can best suit your needs.

How we've helped others.

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"I had heard about Practics through a colleague and when I contacted Liz I was struggling with no work/life balance during an intensely busy time in the construction industry. I needed help with building processes in my business that would assist me in managing our team of ten, and guidance on how to achieve my goal of managing productivity & time management leading to a healthier work/life balance.

Through the coaching Liz offered, the simple steps, structure and processes I have been taught have changed my life. I have learnt about efficiency and Liz helped me realise and admit I was going to burn out on the road I was on. Then we moved on to 'how to fix that'.


With the help of Practics, I have taken control of my business and my time, which has changed my life for the better - quite literally. In these challenging times, we all need help navigating our businesses through uncertain times.

As a result, my business now has a solid foundation and structure that has seen a dramatic decrease in stress levels, which in turn created a more harmonious work atmosphere for the team.

I would recommend Practics to any manager or business! Managing a business the right way makes stress just melt away."

Sandy Knight

- Decorating Marlborough


Interested? Let's chat.


We can help your business maximise its potential.
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Financial support.

Your business may qualify for vouchers to help pay for our services.

Practics offer services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Vouchers are available through the Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) Growth Advisors.

Find out more by visiting or just give us a call.

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