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Tailored training & workshops.

Training or workshops specific to your business needs.

Tailored training and workshops.

In our experience, businesses do not always suit a 'one sizes fits all' approach, which is why we can offer your business tailored training and workshops  to meet the specific needs of your business to get the best outcome and results.


Workshops can be awkward and uncomfortable, we do our best to avoid this by ensuring our workshops provide practical relevance in your business. We will meet with you to discuss your business, identify your needs and help come up with practical training and resources specific to those needs. We like to think of them as 'driving lessons for running a business'. We do it the way that works for you.


By offering practical skills with 'hard' conversations in a positive environment, we can shift paradigms, foster individual growth and boost team moral to bring everyone together for a common objective and collective results. 

How  it works.

We will meet with you and discuss your training needs, we have a broad range of training material and practical resources  that allow us to create a programme for your needs.


Whether you need a one-off or a series of workshops or a 6 month programmes, our training can be tailored to two people or 50 (or more!) – the numbers don't matter, but we ensure the results do.

How we've helped others.


As a result of some changes, Marlborough Lines had a group of newly appointed Team Leaders who required training on the core skills of being a Team Leader

How we designed the training:

  • Worked with Marlborough Lines to understand how they manage their teams – so we could include where their role sat within processes and use the terminology that the Team Leaders would recognise from their day to day roles.

  • Shaped the training into smaller workshops of topics, with agreed actions to take out of the training into their roles and time to implement these before the next session.

  • Provided workbooks for the attendees to write their notes into.

  • Worked with different learning styles – providing a mix of presentation, discussion and examples. 

What did the attendees think of the workshops?

“I liked that Liz had taken time to learn our business to relate the training to”


“I gained a better toolset to handle different situations.”


“It provided a variety of methods of planning and structuring your workload and keeping a balance.”


“The workbooks were really clear and helpful.”


“Liz got us all involved and made you feel part of it, a relaxed atmosphere.” 


“Worth attending. Lots of small points that add up to being really worthwhile learning.”

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Financial support.

Your business may qualify for vouchers to help pay for our services.

Practics offer services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund. Vouchers are available through the Regional Business Partner Network (RBP) Growth Advisors.

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