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Team meeting


We can lead your next business workshop to  meet its goals.


Through our experience in a wide range of facilitation, we plan, guide and manage your group to meet your business goals. There are many ways we can help you, and our work can come in many forms, with our primary goal being to ensure the organiser gets what they need from a facilitated session, and that the group comes away feeling heard, clear on the next steps and understanding why they were involved in the participation.


We specialise in bringing different people together and work with them to obtain the information and resources relevant to the management, in a positive and productive format. 


We have been on PMO teams and facilitated local council and industry meetings, this can include minute taking and management of scheduling and organising a group of people to achieve key objectives.

How we can help.

There are many ways we can you with facilitation, this work can come in many forms not just workshops. Prior to a facilitation, we ensure we are well prepared and clear on how it needs to be structured in order for it to be successful and productive. 

We can use our abilities and experience from being trained in human-centred design, to bring a group of people together in a workshop providing resources to identify:

  • Community engagement or consultation

  • Producing data or insights for reporting

  • Common goals

  • Ideas and feedback

  • Strategy documents

  • Roadmaps or plans on a page

Facilitation can also be required when businesses want an outside of organisation run meeting, allowing those required to participate, while the facilitator keeps records and the group on track to get to the desired outcome of a meeting.

Do you need an experienced facilitator? 

How we've helped others.

Are you a not-for-profit?

Are you a not for profit or charity looking for support in leading your next workshop or monthly meeting? Practics have a number of volunteer facilitation hours available, please enquire as to whether you qualify for this assistance! 

Interested? Let's chat.


We can help facilitate your next meeting or workshop in a professional, productive and positive manner.

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