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Project Consulting.

Helping to achieve your big picture projects.

Project Consulting.

They say "those that can't do, teach" – at Practics, we do both!


We can guide you and give you the tools you need to grow and improve in business, but quite often time is what gets in the way. As experts in management and business, we can be engaged as your consultant on your short or long-term projects.

How  it works.

Practics can be engaged for the level that suits your project needs. 


Projects such as reviewing business structures, economic planning, report writing, community analysis, future planning, strategy processes, case studies, comprehensive meeting minutes and more.


We'll gladly work and liaise with others to achieve a common goal, ask questions to get the right information and analyse our findings to give detailed reports that provide a complete picture. 

Fully experienced in:

  • PMO roles (Project Management Office)

  • Project leadership

  • Identifying project scope, desired outcomes

  • Collecting, collating and summarising into reports

  • Community consultation and engagement

How we've helped others.

marlborough-TEAM Logo.jpeg

Marlborough District Council


Industry consultation, facilitation of workshops and meetings, including note taking and recording.

Collecting, collating and summarising reports.

"Very reliable partner to manage to overall programme with flexibility to work around short deadlines. Worked well with the TEAM Governance and PMO members Excellent record keeping and follow up"

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We can help your business maximise its potential.
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