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An update on Marlborough’s COVID-19 response

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

It is a privilege to be involved with the TEAM group, and to play a small part in ensuring that the impact of the pandemic on the Marlborough is mitigated as much as possible.

TEAM (The Economic Action Marlborough Group) was one of the first groups convened around New Zealand to address the economic impacts of COVID-19 on the regions.

A significant amount of work has been undertaken to ensure that all that can be done, is done, to mitigate the economic impacts of the pandemic on our community.

The second phase of TEAM’s programme (Resilience) got underway in early July 2020 with a refreshed Governance group focused on the affected sectors. A key focus of the Phase 2 work is an in-depth study on the impact of COVID-19 on Marlborough’s economy, and identification of crucial resilience and return projects that can mitigate its effects and assist in the recovery efforts.

The interim report:

  1. Reviews the first months of the pandemic and looks ahead at what the future may hold.

  2. Speaks to the actions TEAM has taken and has planned in the future to cushion the economic shock to our region and our people.While there have been challenges faced by our businesses and people, and there are impacts still to come, for the most part, Marlborough is in a significantly better space than we feared at the time of the first report.

The initial intention was to release the phase two report at the end of 2020. However, what has become apparent through 2020 is that we are still in a period of change. The wage subsidy has finished, the election was held in October, and this summer season, which is vital for our highly affected sections, will be the first since border closures.

We have therefore delayed the second report to quarter two of 2021 to allow this data, and information on any new mitigating actions required to be included.


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